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Perfect recipe for your business to achieve definitive outcomes -Teemar's experience, skills and tried-and-true approach.

Capitalize your business operations by standardizing them.

We explore some of the latest trends and strategies
The recruiting process is a challenging prospect for both small and large companies. Hirestaar assists in handpicking the right candidate from a pool of candidates that fits the job description and meets the prerequisites. We choose individuals who will become an asset to your company and contribute to its long-term success.
Performance Management is vital for ensuring that an organization's purpose is consistent with its employees' jobs. We develop and implement performance management system in the organization with key focus on periodic measurement. This includes organization structuring, developing KRA’s and KPI’s, performance metrics & implementation
Employee efficiency may indeed be enhanced, resulting in increased productivity & contributions to the growth of both the employee & the company. Through a process known as capacity building, We examine individuals to improve the organization's ability to set and achieve goals .
Payroll service management is a huge task that requires a great deal of precision. Hirestaar successfully fulfills this responsibility by ensuring that every employee receives the compensation they are due. We include unified, error-free reports as well as prompt response to employee inquiries.
Employee incentive plans are held on a daily basis by Hirestaar to keep the workers active and engaged at work. This training has been shown to improve workers' excitement and passion in the workplace. Every month, rewarding the best performer helps all of your employees to be more active and consistent.We will assist you in creating a similar workplace culture.

Compliance services for the well being of both employee and organisation.

We expanded our arena to favour companies with HR Compliance support services, ranging from Establishment Compliance Solutions to Payroll Solutions.

Steps in Recruitment Process

We act as a catalyst in choosing the best resources for your company.

Identify the HR Reqirement

Identify possible sources of HR Supply

Communicating the Information

Receiving Application


Virtual monitoring of performance and productivity to recommend improvement tactics.

We are keen on resolving client's hitch with accurate fixes.