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How it works?

Performance Management System

We have developed performance management tools and programs with the aim to track and measure employee performance and help them become more efficient.


Teemar Solution understands the importance of employee performance for a company's growth and success.
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SPE Approach
For Customization

The Progress standardize, collect, analize and recommend the best performance practices through its world class standardized performance indicators. To reach the 100% performance, all the other performance factors need to be standardized and monitored


The program will be focusing on the standardization of all business operations/departments based on the industry benchmark


This program will benchmark and define the Key Performance Indicators of all activities and which will ensure a better monitoring of the performance and productivity


This will focus on the recommendations which are needed for the overall improvement. This will help the management to take actions
Companies with 15-50 Employees
  • The customization of the program will take 20-30 days. This will cover the major changes that need to be incorporated for successful implementation
  • Communication and implementation will take 2-4 days. This will cover interations with the key department level employees
  • Knowledge transfer and trial run support will take 3 days. The monitoring and administration responsibility will be handed over to the person in charge of the performance management
  • Guidelines for performance enhancement will also be done for the future development of the system. One performance audit will be done after 1st month of the implementation

Impact you will witness

Improved team performance with right performance measures
Improved profitability as special focus given to each target areas
Quality hiring with well defined Job Descriptions and Key Result Areas
Easy to manage operations with control over each process
Leadership can focus on growth and expansion with proper control
Motivated team with clarity of career, expectations and rewards

What clients talk about us

We wanted to establish a performance management system which is very simple and result oriented. We implemented Teemar Progress PMS in 2020 and we could see real changes in terms of team performance and growth. Well defined KRA’s and KPI’s along with monthly measurement system helped us to track the performance of each employee.

Jaseel CP
Jaseel CP

Being a start up organization, we were lacking clarity in organization structure, responsibilities of people and result areas. Teemar helped us to set up the right organization structure with performance driven job responsibilities of each team member. Now we ensure that we follow the structure and do regular review of team members focusing on performance indicators of each role. Now we are less burdened and we are able to grow better with clear focus.

Mahin K Ummar
Mahin K Ummar

Your questions answered

How do we work?
We build KRA (Key Result Areas) and KPI (Key Performance Area) for each role in the industry. We then provide this monthly tracking data of employee performance to the concerned department with solutions to improve the gaps in performance observed. The PMS (Performance Management Specialist) keeps track of every employee's performance and helps in making key decisions concerning promotion, salary increment and bonus rewards.
Which industry do we cater to?
Our focused industries are mentioned below:
  • IT industry
  • Retail industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Trading industries
  • Service level industries
Our PMS tool is applicable to all industries.

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