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To begin with, our primary focus will be on human resources in business will act as a stepping stone towards a result oriented resource management.


Hirestaar connects the best employers with outstanding employees. Finding out the fittest potentials out of a pool of people can sometimes be tedious. We are eager to shoulder this responsibility of finding you the right potentials. Tell us about your requirements and we will get you the perfect fit as per your job description.

A productive team of employees can take your business to heights. Through efficient performance management, Hirestaar helps you to build a team that is enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. Right from the process of recruitment, we train your team into the most efficient pool of potentials.

Hirestaar is an expert in precisely planning and scheduling work cycles to get the maximum output. We can help you build an effective system by assigning the correct number of resources to each of your projects. We meticulously calculate how much time and how many resources should be involved in each project to ensure it’s smooth running 

Payroll Service Management is a huge responsibility that has to be handled with precision. Hirestaar efficiently undertakes this responsibility to ensure that each employee gets exactly what he/she deserves. We provide consolidated, error-free reports and also a quick resolution of employee queries. Right from the beginning, we keep complete track of each employees’ payroll cycle.

To keep your employees engaged and more productive at work, Hirestaar conducts employee reward programmes frequently. This practice has been proven to improve the enthusiasm of professionals at work. Rewarding the best performer of each month makes each of your resources to perform well. We help you with the organizing and smooth running of such exciting cultures at work.

Our Story

All About Teemar India

A change in the process of hiring and recruitment was inevitable. Highly skilled professionals usually end up at unprofessional organisations where they are frequently demotivated and organizations with excellent work cultures are not able to find resources who worthy enough. It was a saddening situation and we wanted to help. For both job providers and professionals, we wanted to create a unique platform that could rightly connect them with each other. Teemar thus came up with the idea of Hirestaar to bring together the most efficient job seekers and the best job providers.

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